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Pneumafil Impeller


Modifying Individual Suction in to Common Suction : Pipes increasing suction 25-40%, Power Saving 25% & Maintenance free G5/1 LR6S Reiter Ring Frame
Pneumafil Impeller

We are leading manufacturers of High Performance Pneumafil Suction Units and Energy Efficient Pneumafil Impeller suitable for all makes of Ring Frames, Drawing and Carding Machineries.

We have been successfully doing the conversion of Pneumafil Impeller arrangement in LR G5/1 and LR-6 Ring Frames by replacing the 14 Kgs Impeller with our power saving Aluminium Die Casted Impeller (7 Kgs) which gives Energy saving by 15 to 20%. This will definitely save the Consumption of Energy and will pay you back its cost within a year positively

These Enegy Efficent Fans are available for All Makes of Carding, Drawing and Ring Spinning Frames.


Motor Lad In Amps 7.5A 6.0A Savings 1.5A
Energy Saving Per Hour= 1.5 x 1.732 x 420v x 0.95 / 1000 = 1.036 unit.  
Energy Saving Per Day= 1.036 x 24 = 24.878 units  
Energy Saving Per Year= 24.878 x 365 = 9080.6 units.  
Energy Cost Saving Per Year@Rs.5.50 per Unit= 9080 x 4.50 = Rs.40,860/-